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I’m cumming more than Jeff Goldblum

On this episode we discuss the premier of rick and morty and Disney+. We bring you a review of the Mandelorean. we also review the NEW MUTANTS#1. We also give a recap of TITANS and HBO's WATCHMEN. as always we bring you the week's news

I guess we’ll talk about it next week

On this episode we mess up and forget to talk about WONDER WOMAN:BLOODLINES. We do, however get to talk about DAYBREAK..the comic kinda. We give you the weekly titans and watchmen update and we bring you the week’s news 

I Dont Know What That means!!!

on this episode we discuss the first episode of DAYBREAK. We also review the second issue of JJ Abrams' Spider-man story from Marvel. we bring this week's recap of HBO's Watchmen and DC UNIVERSE's Titans as always we bring you the week's news.

C*nt Bombs

On this episode we discuss Lawrence’s absence in depth. We also discuss HBO’s Watchmen premier. Moses reviews the horror comic “ghoul: born to kill” joe discusses the Anime Calamity of a zombie girl. And as always we bring you the week’s news. 

Remember Her Titans

on this episode we review the DC animated film teen titans go VS TEEN TITANS . we also review the latest episode of TITANS on the DC UNIVERSE app. joe brings us a review of young justice #8. mayor young brings you his coverage of LA comic con. as always we bring you the weeks news.

Mons Veneris (joker movie review)

On this episode the gang reviews Todd Phillips' Joker movie. Larry and Oscar give you their in depth analysis of THE BATMAN WHO LAUGHS and BATMAN: THE WHITE KNIGHT. Moses brings you a mini review of CREEPSHOW the tv series on shudder.

Tell That to The President

On this episode the gang discusses the birds of prey trailer and the joker movie. They review MARVEL’s Bizzare adventures #1. And Larry brings you up to speed on the current happenings in JonathanHickman’s X-men run. As always they bring you the weeks news 

Opening up the flower of life

on this episode Larry traveled 2,149 miles to watch STAR TREK: DISCOVERY.  we talk about DC UNIVERSE's TITANS.   we also talk SPIDERMAN #1 not the real one but the henry and jj Abrams one.  


… like a F@$&in invalid!!

On this episode we discuss some of our thoughts and impressions on the Harley Quinn movie And the rumors of Denzel Washington playing Magneto. Joe reviews the first episode of the Amazon series, UNDONE. We are joined by Hect for some Batman and Doomsday Clock. Moses reviews Aftershock comics’ “you are obsolete” and HBO’s Righteous Gemstones. As always we discuss the week’s news 

The Furthest Thing From Larry’s Mind

On this episode Joe gives you his impressions and a review of  IT: CHAPTER TWO. Oscar gives you his first impressions of the TITANS season two premiere. Moses reviews AMC's THE TERROR: INFAMY and GEORGE TAKEI'S memoir THEY CALLED US ENEMY. As usual they bring you the week's news