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Larry Discriminates Against Our 1 Listener

Today we review the Japanese horror film Ring Of Curse and discuss all the news coming out of Comic-Con@Home! If you want to weigh in join us on Skype (FantasticForum) or go to FANTASTICFORUM.LIVE. Fantastic Forum assemble!

Is She Going to Comic-Con?!?!?!

Today we review Netlix's The Old Guard, and Empyre #1. Join us on Skype or hope in the studio live with the link below. Fantastic Forum assemble!

close enough

Tonight we talk about  HBO Max's Close Enough. We'll also review Dark Nights: Death Metal #1 and Hotell #1-2 along with the latest comic book news! if you want to watch the video, click here Fantastic Forum assemble!

fraction of forever #3

on this episode we discuss Sully Erna's political theories and social distance concerts.

With Great Muscles Comes Great Responsibility

on this episode we finally get to talk about the second season of doom patrol, the harley quinn season finale. as for comics, we review NEGAN LIVES, ROGUE PLANET #1 and 2. As always we bring a heavy metal minute and the week's headlines

Fraction of Forever #2

we made it to episode two!!! the new album from THE GHOST INSIDE gets reviewed and you get fan impressions for the first EP for THE FIRST BORNE. and some news as well

Society’s fuckin up

On this episode we talk about The Cimmerian: Queen of the Black Coast. We also review the film “ the wrong missy” on netflix. 

Fraction of Forever #1

its the premier Fraction of Forever. in it youll get some commentary on some of the week's headlines in Heavy Metal

The Fuck Train

the gang reviews the film BECKY, joe reviews the comics VIRDS OF PREY #2, and CREATURE #1. moses reviews the comic BATMAN: SMILE KILLER. As always they bring you the week's news, for the video click here


The Middle Of The End

on this episode oz brings us up to speed on DCuniverse's Stargirl, joe forced us to read HBO MAX's promo comics, and he also reviews amethyst #1 and brings us his take on DOOM Patrol series. moses gets mad at how good harley quinn has always they bring you the weeks news


this weeks update in heavy metal news

Looting and Kiddie Violence

Geoffrey Patterson Talks about the recent looting of Hi De Co Comics in Santa Monica and DC’s decision to leave Diamond comics distributor we review the books Punisher #13 and KidZ 1-3 and Tales of Cthulhu-verse #1. as always we bring you the weeks news

Today’s Not The Day Hect

on this episode we review the comics, birds of prey #1 metalshade #1 and violets. and as always they bring you the news. 

The last morning show

On this episode we end our daily live broadcasts during the Covid shut down. We review “lost on planet earth”, “Batman: the adventure continues” , and we bring you some news. 

Attack Of The Jerries

On this installment of tv tuesday, the gang reviews the latest episodes of Rick and Morty and Harley Quinn. adn moses reviews the first issue in the Rick and Morty comic book series

Fight Island

On this episode the crew discusses UFC's FIGHT ISLAND. They review the comedy flick GOOD BOYS. as usual they bring you the latest headlines

The GIF That Keeps On GIFing

on this episode MOE and JOE bring you up to speed with the latest headlines in the POP ulture space!

By Jei’s Word

on this episode the gang reviews the DC/Vertigo book "THE DARK AND BLOODY". They also bring you the week's news 

jei manhattan

on this epsiode the gang reviews the book DC comics decided was sooo important they had to release it during the corona virus shut down. we discuss the snyder cut announcements and bring you the week's news

Morty’s Cold Shoulder

on this episode we review this weeks rick and morty episode and joe goes in depth on his love of SHE-RA AND THE PRINCESS OF POWER. We also bring you the week's news headlines

Poilitcizing Salmonella

Today we review the Indonesian superhero film, VALENTINE: THE DARK AVENGER, and the comic SEMIAUTOMAGIC. We also comment on the latest headlines. 

Kittens Doing War With Bunnies!

on this episode moses reviews Antacrtic Press' CAT SHIT ONE. Joe reviews the latest season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. OZ still cant get NIGHTWING #70 even though DC released it weeks ago.

Muggy In The Taint

On this episode the gang reviews The Dark Collection 1.  As always they bring you the week's news.

Why Me!?!?!?

this episode is extra stuffed with r3eviews and talk from all of us and hect. we discuss the following:

rick and morty


batman:a lonely place of dying

justice league dark :Apokalips war

decorum #1

and the news

TV Tuesday 5/12

On this episode the gang reviews HULU's solar opposites, NETFLIX's The Hollow, and IMAGE's The Dying &The Dead. and they bring you the news.

On The Fence

On this episode the gang dissects the latest headlines.

stuck in a hole

On this episode Joe reacts to the "crowded No.1" review we did 2 years ago we also discuss the weeks news. they also review image's undiscovered country

crowded #1 and die!die!die! #1 reviewed

on this episode we review crowded #1 and Die! Die! Die! #1 we discuss the week's news and Lloyd calls in to share his experience with the DC UNIVERSE app.

Cinco de MOE-yo

On this episode the gang celebrates a birthday and They review the long awaited Rick and Morty premiere. Moses dissects the socio-political ramifications of animal crossing and the review Strange Academy #1. as always they bring you the news

Is It Though?

on this episode the gang reviews the the netlix action film EXTRACTION and the comic on which it s based CIUDAD. moses talks alittle about his experience with  STREETS OF RAGE 4. as always they bring the latest news

SciFi dystopias and Slasher Killers.

on this episode Moses reviews High LeveL from vertigo, and Joe reviews dynamite entertainment's hack slash vs chaos #1. they also talk video games and bring you the week's news 

Its not gonna be like that.

The first 18 minutes or so of his episode are lost forever so we recreated them on the next show. Moses reviews Great Pacific vo.1. and Moses and Larry try to convince Joe to watch community

Transcendental Medication

In this episode the gang reviews Netflix's newest series THE MIDNIGHT GOSPEL. They also review the  the dc digital first, SWAMP THING: THE NEW SEED. They also review the film DOOM: ANNIHILATION. as always they give the week's news.

Joe finally watched stranger things

on tis episode we discuss the 2004 lady death movie and we review essesa: the fallen #1. and we get to hear joe's impression of stranger things season 1. as always we bring you the news.

Fantastic 4 Fan-casting

On this episode we give a first impression of netflix's new animated series, THE MIDNIGHT GOSPEL. We also give you our fan cast of what FANTASTIC FOUR if John Krasinsky were to play the role of Reed Richards. as always we bring you the week's news.

Larry talks too much: The Revenge

This is the continuation of the last episode. This has the review for island of giant monsters as well as the week's news.

Larry talks too much

On this episode we talk to the man who puts the Geoffrey in Geoffrey's comics. He gives us his thoughts on how to reconstruct the comics retail industry as well as commentary on DC's decision to to distribute comics while all the shops are closed. 


on this installment of tv tuesday the gang discusses binge worthy TV with Silicon Valley, Community, My Hero Academia and What We Do In The Shadows. Joe reviews Netflix's Las Leyendas and Moses reviews Ask For Mercy #1 on Comixology. As always they bring you the week's news.


on this one MOSES discusses, ticketmaster, Lamb of god, the black dahlia murder and steel panther news

The Knuckles Knock Off Half a Point

on this episode the gang reviews the animated movie MOSRTAL KOMBAT LEGENDS: SCORPION'S REVENGE as well as the VALIANT movie NINJAK VS THE VALIANT UNIVERSE. They also bring you the news.

Not As Violent As Joe Likes It

on this episode Joe recommends a list of binge watchable anime to Moses' niece. He also reviews last kids on earth. and moses reviews Panel Syndicate's "FRIDAY." As always they bring you the the news.

Movin’ On Up

on this episode Moses reviews the Modern Family  finale. Joe reviews the new episode of Black Clover. Oscar and Larry discuss the Picard series on CBS all access. we also discuss Joe's nausea about the save by the bell reboot. 

Wednesday Is The New Friday

on this episode we talk about how awesome the nintendo switch is for self isolation. we review the cosmic horror film The Endless. as always we give you the week's news.


On this epsiode the gang discusses the pitfalls and virtues of DISNEY+'s censorship policies. They review the newest episode of Harley Quinn and SHEENA: QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE. as always they bring you the week's news

Dissecting Comics Retail Reconstruction

on this episode the gang discuss some of the suggestions retailers are expressing to fix the market in a post covid-19 world. as always they bring you the weeks news

Death and Harley Quinn

on this episode we review the classic graphic novel DEATH: THE HIGH COST OF LIVING and DC UNIVERSE's HARLEY QUINN animated series season 2 premier. as always we bring you a heavymetal minute and the news


On this episode we discuss the some of this corona virus issues with healthcare professional VonB. We review Bravest Warriors No. 1 and Firefly: Bad Company. 

Quarantine Log: Day 133

on this episode we discuss Microsoft inside XBOX event, the PlayStation 5 dual sense controller reveal. oz reviews Spider-Man: Noir #1 and we all review SENTIENT #1. As always we bring you the week's news


on this epsiode Larry and Joe review the documentary "RED PILL", Moses and Joe review DC SHOWCASE PRESENTS : DEATH and SGT.ROCK. Moses Reviews ALTERNA COMICS' BLOOD REALM #1. as alaways they bring you the week's news. 


On this episode we discuss Comic creator ETHAN VAN SKEEVER's latest twitter controversy. Larry reviews ROAD TO EMPYRE #1 and AMC's DISPATCHES FROM ELSEWHERE. Moses reviews KISS ZOMBIES 1-4. as always the give you the week's news 

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